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matsumushi_8's Journal

14 March
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My name is Calvin. This is a new account for me since I've had my last one since 2006. I graduated from Loyola University Chicago back in 2010 and I'm now searching for a job in this pathetic excuse for an economy. Most of my posts will involve video game talk, cosplaying, or what have you. Sometimes, I may post about life events.

I love going to anime conventions. There's something very rewarding about meeting people who are in costume. I don't want to stop. It's been one hell of an adventure for me. I just hope I can find a princess of my own out of it. I also have a youtube account where I do action figure reviews. I'm currently writing a story of my own, created from all the Gatorade-induced dreams I have. I may post some parts. Please note that I will rewrite some things if I ever feel the need.