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Summer Weather in October? Bullshit!

The weather is once again hot. I call it Summer's last stand even though it's Fall. I'd much rather have the cool weather back.

In other news, I'm going to the Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses concert tomorrow night. Since they don't allow swords in the concert (which I understand so that the psychos can be kept out), I'll be wearing Oracle Link and have my Rod of Seasons with me. It'll be rainy, but I'm still going. I've never been to this sort of thing before. I've only heard stories about how awesome this kind of experience is. I ended up with a front row seat. I have no complaints about it. It's just something that I ended up falling into. I guess this will be my Halloween outing for the weekend. On the day of Halloween, I'll just have a monster movie marathon. If I go to the Halloween party on Friday, I'll be Fou-Lu from Breath of Fire IV. I just finished it and I haven't gotten any pictures of it yet. I kind of want to wait until an evening when I can get some outdoor pictures in front of a full moon (that's just how he rolls). Too bad I don't have a photographer....yet.

I was in a class where everything was familiar. Why is that? It was same class I was in during my Student At Large days (last fall). I got out of it, and I don't have to go to class until January (SCORE). I guess I can continue adding a huge chunk to my story. I have a whole bunch of ideas I want to add to it.

That's about it for now. Man. I REALLY need to get back into the habit of jogging in the morning.....


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